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Nicole M. Lavallee, Midwife

Nicole M. Lavallee, LM, CPM has taught Nicole Lavallee, LM, CPMand supported women in childbirth since 1992. She was certified as a Bradley Childbirth Educator in 1993, then as a labor assistant in 1998 through ALACE, and as an EMT in 2001. Nicole was trained under a traditional apprenticeship model. She is currently certified as a Licensed Midwife through SC DHEC, and a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives. She is also former Assistant Director of Jamaica Birth, an educational Nicole Lavallee and familyprogram committed to providing birth practitioners with a comprehensive variety of clinical experiences. Nicole has three homebirthed children and was privileged to be present for the hospital birth of her adopted daughter. She has attended births as midwife, apprentice, birth assistant and labor support in homes and in United States and Caribbean hospitals over the years.


Aurora Thompson , Apprentice Midwife

Aurora Thompson is an Apprentice Midwife licensed through SC DHEC. She attended her first birth at the age of 3, when she helped at the birth of her brother, Isaiah - answering the phone, taking pictures, and keeping "birth notes". Over the years, she has been invited to births in many capacities, including assistant to the midwife and to help guide siblings (and grandparents!) through the birth process. Aurora is currently an ALACE-trained doula and certified in both adult and neonatal CPR. Her neonatal rescuscitation training was completed under Karen Strange as part of the comprehensive Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation program.

Cyndi Rosenblatt, Birth Assistant

Cyndi Rosenblatt, former Childbirth Educator and La Cyndi EgbertLeche League Leader, has been helping mothers and babies since 1991. Her interest in birth issues grew out of her work in breastfeeding education and support, and she subsequently co-wrote a biblically-based childbirth education curriculum. Cyndi has three children, one hospital-born and two homebirthed. She has attended both hospital and homebirths as doula and assistant, and provided extensive breastfeeding counseling.


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