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Water has been used for centuries to ease and Father feels baby crowningcomfort mothers during labor and birth and give newborns a gentle start in life. Coastal Birth Services is pleased to offer AquaDoula heated birth tubs for use in home and hospital births throughout South Carolina. Use of an underwater doppler is included in the rental fee, for the comfort and reassurance of the parents and the birth practitioner. Rental also includes disposable liners, arm-length gloves for the doctor or midwife and a pump for draining the tub.

Waterbirth at Home

Because of the immense benefits of waterbirth, New Son!Coastal Birth Services midwife Nicole Lavallee encourages the use of birth tubs for homebirths. Coastal Birth Services AquaDoula tubs are made available to our homebirth clients for no additional fee. While not all mothers who have a tub set up for use during labor will choose to remain in the water for the actual birth, most find that their labor is eased and relaxation greatly facilitated through use of the tub. Labor also tends to progress more rapidly, sometimes at a truly amazing rate.

For more information about waterbirths, refer to Midwifery Today.


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